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I'm Davina,

The Founder and CEO of DivinelyCrown’d. I am  a Christian millennial woman who is on a mission to win souls to Christ through my work as a Confidence Life Coach, lifestyle influencer, inspirational speaker, and plus-size fashion influencer. I uses her faith and light to inspire, encourage, and uplift those around her.


I also am a daughter, sister, and fierce mom of two future world changers. Growing up I didn't have confidence and it was hard for me to truly love myself. It was in 2012 after giving birth to my daughter that I realized it was time for me to start learning to love myself. I knew that I was raising a young Queen and in order to be a positive role model, I knew I needed to make lifestyle changes. In October 2017, I started an Instagram called DivinelyPLUS. I did this for both my love of fashion as well as to improve my self-love. Ultimately, because of raising a young beautiful, intelligent, God-loving young woman, I felt even more driven to encourage women to have self-love and confidence through Faith, Lifestyle and Fashion. 


I am also the host of an award winning Podcast called DivinelyCROWN’D Conversations, where I have real, honest, open and transparent conversations about the everyday journey of life and womanhood. I invite some of the most inspirational and influential Queens to share their stories, vision, and their Queendoms with me and others. 


Through my faith, love, and passion, I give myself to my cause. I believe in my mission to build women up and unlock their confidence. I instill that every woman is a Queen in her own right and her life is her Queendom. My goal is to inspire women to embrace and be the Queens they were born to be.


"You are Royalty, crowned for your Queendom and Kingdom of God!"


Fun Facts About Me

If I Wasn't A Coach

I'd be a plus model 

Been reading my Bible more these days. 

What I'm Reading

Her name is Coco. 

I Have 1 Pet

Fav Drink

Starbucks Snickerdoodle Latte


Enough of the self doubt, negative self talk and inaction.

You deserve to live your best life.

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